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Banner The Mothership

"The ship was like a city encased in metal, stretching more than twelve kilometers up the valley."

- The Mothership

Banner The Mothersea

"One day, a reckoning would come, for one world cannot have two masters."

- The Mothersea

Banner The Antaran Codex

"The Access Treaty was the basis of Galactic Law."

- The Antaran Codex (MS1)

Banner In Earth's Service

"Mapped Space was the physical extent of Human Interstellar Civilization."

- In Earth's Service (MS2)

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MS Chronology

15000 BC – 2130 AD

Rise of Planetary Civilization on Earth.

The Mothership
The Mothersea

2130 – 2643

Rise of Inter-planetary Civilization throughout the Solar System.


First human ship reaches Proxima Centauri and is met by a Tau Ceti Observer.
Dawn of Human Interstellar Civilization.


Earth Council signs Access Treaty with the Galactic Forum.
First Probationary Period begins.
Tau Cetins provide astrographic data out to 1,200 light years from Earth (Mapped Space) and 100 kilograms of novarium (Nv, Element 147) to power human starships.

2646 – 3154

Human Civilization expands rapidly through Mapped Space.
Continual Access Treaty infringements delays mankind’s membership into the Galactic Forum.


Human religious fanatics attack the Mataron Homeworld.
Tau Cetin Observers prevent the Mataron Fleet from destroying Earth.

3155 – 3158

Tau Cetin ships convert human supplies of novarium held on Earth and within ship energy plants to inert material.

3155 – 4155

Galactic Forum suspends human interstellar access rights and imposes 1,000 year Embargo.
Contact with other civilizations ends.
Many Human outposts beyond the Solar System collapse.


Earth Navy (EN) established by the Democratic Union to police mankind when the Embargo is lifted.
Earth Council assumes overall control of Earth Navy


Earth Intelligence Service (EIS) established by the Earth Council.


The Embargo ends. Access Treaty reactivated.
Second 500 year Probationary Period begins.
Human interstellar travel resumes.

4155 – 4267

Earth re-establishes contact with surviving human outposts.


The Antaran Codex


In Earth's Service