Stephen was born in Sydney, Australia. He grew up a keen sportsman, focusing on soccer and water polo, although he also played rugby league and is an experienced scuba diver. He later became interested in martial arts, studying the Goju style of Karate.

He has a Bachelor of Economics, a Graduate Diploma in Management and as a qualified CPA, worked as an IT project manager for many years before turning to writing full time. Stephen had always been fascinated with astronomy, dating back to when he'd spent many nights as a teenager studying the southern skies with a 4.5 inch reflecting telescope. He pursued that interest by studying part-time for a Master of Science degree in Astronomy, which he completed in late 2015.


In his late twenties, Stephen backpacked around the world, traveling to many countries in Asia and Europe, as well as visiting the United States. Soon after his return to Australia, he entered the energy industry, where he met his future wife Elenor, an avid reader herself with a Master's degree in business who now doubles as his tireless editor.

His interest in writing appeared at an early age, although it remained a part time hobby for many years. He has now written and published five books, all thrillers with technological or science fiction themes. His writing features lively characters, fast moving plots and unexpected twists. Mankind's future is of particular interest to him.

Stephen lives in Sydney with his wife. Together, they regularly travel overseas, where they indulge their joint interest in photography, foreign food and exotic locations.